Parkour Event & Competition

Participants will have the option to participate in any of the 3 categories they would like. For the same admission price you can participate in just one category, or all three.

Event 1: Skill

Competitors will be presented with a number of challenges of increasing difficulty. The most difficult challenges will not be unlocked until certain prerequisite challenges are complete. Competitors who complete the most challenges the fastest before time is up will come out on top.

Event 2 : speed

 Competitors will face a lengthy speed course, with two opportunities to set their best time. Time penalties are given when course parameters are not met. Competitors who’s two runs average the fastest time will come out on top. 

Event 3: Style

Competitors will create style runs up to 45 seconds long on a course designed to show off fluid execution of their favorite skills. Runs will be judged based on: Difficulty, Flow, Style/Creativity and Execution, each worth up to 25 points each for a score topping out at a perfect 100.