Class 3-Pack (All Ages): $75.00

Drop-In Class Rate (All Ages): $30

Open Gym Monthly Membership (Ages 15+): $100

Single Open Gym Session (Ages 15+): $20

Holiday and Summer Camp : $150 Day/ $650 Weekly

Birthday Party (2 Floors) 2hrs 10min:  $1,250

For small birthday parties please enquire by email

Schools, Independent Camps and Corporate visits upon request

For more information explore our website or email

[email protected]

Types of Activities


Parkour is a training discipline where practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assisting equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Ninja warrior

Learn the skills from the show! We have tons of obstacles for you to try. We will teach you how to safely maneuver them as well as exercises to  take you to the next level.


Tumbling is a practice used in gymnastics, primarily on a spring floor, including hand springs, flips and rolls.


Learn flips and tricks on our Olympic size trampoline. We also have a tramp wall and foam pit so you can learn tricks beyond the trampoline.


We have nerf games for kids and adults! Sign up for a private event or make new friends at one of our public nerf battles.

and more

We also offer bar calisthenics, aerial silks, break dancing, and more! We are constantly adding new art forms if there is something you would like to try that is not listed, let us know!


What Our Students Say About Us

This is the most amazing space!! All you can dream to practice acrobatics, parkour, tricking, trampoline, calisthenics, silks, gymnastics, handstands and more. Instructors are very talented and professional. Great environment.
This place is awesome! They have almost anything you could need for these specialties. The staff are nice. I took beginner parkour with Bryce, I had a great time and felt challenged but also comfortable with everything we did. Highly recommend. The open gym sessions are great, you can use everything and no one judges your skill level.
We love Zoo! It’s an amazing place for kids to gain coordination and confidence. All of the instructors are so kind and patient with the kids, and they all seem to be genuinely having fun themselves! We’ve met so many cool families there. People come from all around the city, because it’s such a unique kind of place. <3 BK ZOO!!!.”
“Amazing staff, my child had the time of his life here. Will definitely be visiting again.”
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