Kids Classes

Kids Classes

All classes are 60 minutes and $40. 

3 packs of classes for $90.00 (expires 6 month from purchase date)

Course Descriptions


Parkour teaches building functional strength, coordination, and agility in a fun and creative way. The parkour basics program is accessible to all shapes, sizes, and experience levels.

Flips & Freerunning:

Learn to flip and have fun doing it. Freerunning borrows from parkour, gymnastics, martial arts tricking, breakdance, and frankly whatever looks cool to create a personalized progression experience. Our coaches provide all the tools necessary to learn your dream skills from the ground up and make them your own.

Tramp Basics:

With one of the only tramp walls in NYC, our standard trampoline class now comes with a unique twist. Learn all the trampoline and tramp wall basics with our coach’s safe and fun progressions.

Ninja Warrior:

Ninja Warrior teaches similar obstacles to the show.

Kids Play Time:

Enjoy 1 hour of  Parent/Child open stations on our first floor! You will have access to the Foam Pit, Mini Obstacles, Padded Trampoline, and much more! 

October special: Buy 2 Parent/Child  passes and get one free! (Good for the rest of the year)


Learn how to tumble on the spring floor with Couch Will!