Brooklyn Zoo NY is New York City’s newest parkour training facility that revolutionizes the art of movement and fitness. We offer an experience that inspires our members to overcome obstacles both physical and mental. Our services include the art forms of parkour, ninja warrior training, trampoline, tumbling, tricking, dance and more. Our experienced instructors use methods of progression and attention to detail, technique and style, that will help members achieve the results they desire.

Brooklyn Zoo is a 10,000 sq ft. parkour and fitness facility. Spanning two floors, the Zoo is equipped to accommodate the absolute beginner to the advanced practitioner,  anyone can bring their performance to the next level.

Brooklyn Zoo NY
New York City’s premiere training facility

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We hope to answer all of your questions.  If you need more information please feel free to call us at (347) 978-3228 or fill our our contact form.

230 Bogart Brooklyn NY 11206

Our state of the art facility is located just a few minutes walk from the L train (Grand Street). There is also plenty of parking in the area after 5 pm and on the weekends! Visit our directions page for more details.

Parkour / Freerunning is about using the everyday structures that normally direct our travel in a new way; showing that we have no limits and no boundaries. The discipline using movement was originally developed from the French military obstacles course training program. We offer a state of the art custom built parkour facility over 10,000 sq. ft
We offer a variety of classes, so choosing your first discipline can be difficult. We recommend taking our King of the Jungle™ Class to introduce the practitioner to all of the art forms that we offer. Students will be able to dip their toes into all, or most, of the different structures that we have.
Brooklyn Zoo is world renown as a premier parkour gym. However, we also offer a broad range of classes from capoeiera, breakdancing, trampoline & tumbling, tricking, dance, aerial silks, and more.
Please, please, please sign in with your child’s name when singing up online prior to a class.
We recommend that all participants wear workout clothes and sneakers for classes. Parkour is about being free and expressing yourself, so please wear what you feel comfortable in (just not your birthday suit)!
We recommend pre-registering to everybody! There is limited room and no guarantee that the classes will not be sold out. Signing up for a class takes only a few moments on our Classes Page. Also there is a $5 extra fee for signing up at the time of the class.
We offer parent-child classes every weekend! Sign up now in our Class Scheduler!
All participants need to sign a waiver prior to participating in any class. If your child comes to the Brooklyn Zoo without a parent or guardian, please print and sign a waiver prior to their arrival or fill out our online Brooklyn Zoo waiver. If not, they will not be able to participate.

A Day At Brooklyn Zoo | GIJOE HIGHLANDAZ

Brooklyn Zoo Reviews: 

Loved this place. Friend of mine who did American Ninja Warrior, suggested I check it out. He trains there occasionally. I went on Halloween and it was a super, awesome experience. Whether you are trying to learn how to do a front flip, practice dance moves, or training parkour or other city based workouts, this place helps you improve and have fun. $15 got me a night of learning how to backflip, conquering a fear of jumping off a ledge into a pool of foam, and running up the warped wall like the ninjas. I will definitely go back when I have another free weekend!
Alexander S.
I didn’t know how much fun and full of insane energy Brooklyn Zoo is. The people that go there are very inspiring.
Anisa H.
Very enthusiastic and motivates you to be the best you can be.
Sebastian E.
Very good class – learned a lot for my first time trying it! I have already signed up to go back again!
Sam L.
Was physically challenging and fun. Cool gym!
Evan B.
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