Brooklyn Zoo Youth Program


-The age group is 9-14 years old
-There are never more than 12 students to a teacher.
-The level of skills taught are always dependent on the skill level of the student. However all of our instructors are qualified to teach flips.
-Again it depends on the students skill level and the specific skill of the week, but all of our tumbling teachers can hand-spot back handsprings.
-Yes we have a variety of snacks for purchase including granola bars as well as drinks such as Gatorade, Snapple, water and juice. We also have ice-cream and candy bars.
-Depending on our schedule there may be a class the kids can take once Youth Program Class is over, otherwise it is not possible to stay later.
All participants need to sign a waiver prior to participating in any class. If your child comes to the Brooklyn Zoo NY without a parent or guardian, please print and sign a waiver prior to their arrival. If not, they will not be able to participate.

Brooklyn Zoo Youth Program

Ages 9-14

Starting September 10, 2016 – June 11, 2017 (Open enrollment for 4 consecutive weeks at a time)

Brooklyn Zoo’s Youth Program is designed to give teens/pre-teens a place to be kids again, while also developing confidence and agility.  The classes are taught by our trained professionals to help kids learn and improve specific skills and techniques such as precisions, plyos, strides, swings, laches, vaults, wall runs and tricks; as well as becoming self expressed in their movement.

With the Youth Program Membership kids can also join as many classes in their age group as can fit their schedule and yours. Kids must commit to two months and participate in one of our weekly reoccurring classes to qualify for membership.  The goal of the Youth Program is to empower each child’s natural passion for exploration and movement with a strong focus on the progress of each child and their development throughout the course of the weeks.

Youth Program Classes run Tuesday and Thursday 4:30pm-5:30pm  Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-11:00am

Any one day per week: $75.00 for 4 consecutive classes

Youth Program Membership: $400 for 8 weeks

Call (347) 987-3228 or email us at to register.  All participants must have taken a drop in class.