Brooklyn Zoo Camps


-Usually we group the ages 5-8 and 9+

-There are sometimes exceptions based on skill level/behavior and sizes of groups.

-We always have at least two instructors for every day of camp, on days when we have over 25 students we have three that way there are never more than 12 students to a teacher.
-Lunch consists of much needed rest from the rigourous activities in the gym. You will have 45 minutes to an hour to eat, drink lots of water, play games in the reception area or watch TV.
-The level of skills taught are always dependent on the skill level of the student. However all of our instructors are qualified to teach flips.
-Again it depends on the students skill level, but all of our tumbling teachers can hand-spot back handsprings and most camp weeks will have a tumbling teacher present.
-Yes we have a variety of granola bars for sale as well as drinks such as gatorade, snapple, water and juice. We also have ice-cream and candy bars.
-There are a lot of restaurants and deli’s around us that deliver, if we work together we’re sure we can find you a tasty and nutritious lunch.
The entire camp will take place inside our facility.
-While we will have the TV on during lunch there is no other use of electronics during camp, your time here will be a time of physical play.
-During the summer the gym opens when camp starts so it’s not possible to stay early. Depending on our schedule there may be a class you can take once camp is over, otherwise it is not possible to stay later.
All participants need to sign a waiver prior to participating in any class. If your child comes to the Brooklyn Zoo without a parent or guardian, please print and sign a waiver prior to their arrival or fill out our online Brooklyn Zoo waiver. If not, they will not be able to participate.

Brooklyn Zoo Camps

Holiday Camps

May 29,  June 8, June 12, June 26

Summer Camp

Monday – Friday from June 28-September 6

Children will have the opportunity to participate in activities including parkour, tumbling, trampoline, Ninja Warrior Training, silks and dance. Our camp is designed to empower each child’s natural passion for exploration and movement with a strong focus on the progress of each child and their development throughout the course of the camp.

Ages 5-14

Camp runs from 9am-4:00pm, Monday – Friday

Call (347) 987-3228 or email us at if you would like us to register for you.  You may also register on line by picking the date on the schedule and signing up.  If you would like to reschedule a day of camp you must give us at least 24 hours notice, day-of cancellations are not permitted.

One Day – $100 pre register, $120.00 not pre registered

Register  any FIVE days for $450

A Typical Day in Camp Includes:

-Lessons in Parkour, Tumbling and Trampoline, Ninja Warrior

-Gym Games including Parkour Tag, Dodge Cube, Nerf-Gun Wars

-Lunch Break

-Open Gym Time to try out gym equipment, practice your skills or simply play

What You Need to Bring:

-Comfortable Clothes & Shoes

-Lunch (We have fridges and freezers)

-A Desire to Learn and Have Fun